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Journey of an honest Entrepreneur: Nitin Garg 2.0

Meet Nitin Garg, Founder of Dreamz, one of the leading Digital Marketing Company providing solutions to the Education and Real Estate industry.

He started his journey as an entrepreneur, after working in the software industry for 13 years, when his organization shut down and all the employees were asked to leave. Of course the company did provide all the support like severance pay, placement, study and business. The default choice was to be on your own and start your business. As usual, this choice was being opposed by well wishers, everyone saying “you don’t have the skills” or “its very difficult to sell to customers” etc. But he was determined to follow his own path and started again as a fresher out of college running a new business and learning the skills required to run it and looking after all the aspects of the company.

During the course he started and closed few businesses and made good friends, network and connections with people from various walks of life.

It is said that business happens on references but only up to a certain level or near your circle of influence. That too only up to getting the leads, all depends on your execution and delivery, further by customer satisfaction. He used to do basic online marketing on FB and Google which yielded some results of brand building and generating some leads. He also took the services of a known agency on retainer basis but not to a very good satisfaction.

During the course of running his business and interacting with various other business owners in SME space in his circle it was always discussed and felt the need of a fair, honest and knowledgeable Digital marketing company with reasonable pricing top suit their pocket and who also understands the industry.

Most of them had could not find a suitable solutions provider or had bad experience with whom they engaged with either cost being very high or not yielding the desired results or not having their skin in the game nor able to understand the basics of the business offerings.

To overcome this he gained some knowledge by attending the free digital marketing basic course by watching the prerecorded videos and also created his own blog and used SEO. But that was not enough as it needed a proper hands on practical experience which was measurable and outcome based.

Then came COVID-19 and suddenly there was a new normal with all work from home norms, during that time he enrolled for the Digital Deepak Internship Program with the sole vision of starting his own agency to provide the holistic solutions to the small business owners including SMEs and other brands in future.

Today his company is one of the most promising and leading digital marketing company with most widely known brands in their list of clients.

(I am writing this as part of Digital Deepak Internship Program)

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